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Our Food

Every Obicà Mozzarella Bar in the world shares the same passion for good Italian food, made with high-quality and fresh ingredients.


Obicà is the world’s first Mozzarella Bar, founded by Silvio Ursini, and has been pioneering the modern Italian casual restaurant concept since its creation in 2004.

The philosophy of Obicà is summed up in the concept of Food to share, the pleasure of sharing good Italian food with family, friends and colleagues.

La Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP

Made only from the milk of the water buffalo, Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP comes from selected farms and dairies in Campania, certified by the Consortium for the protection of this very special Mozzarella di Bufala.

At Obicà we serve two types of Mozzarella, each with a typical taste: sweet and gentle for the Delicate, stronger and more robust for the Smoked Mozzarella.

La Pizza

Our dough is prepared with stone-ground Petra del Molino Quaglia flour and is left to rise slowly for at least 48 hrs.

Each Obicà Pizza is then garnished with the best ingredients from Italian tradition, such as prosciutto, organic tomato, anchovies and vegetables.

Italian Products

We have sourced the best products from the best producers in Italy for your enjoyment.

Here at Obicà we only work with suppliers who share our principles - the pursuit of excellence, the careful promotion of Italian products and the constant search for quality.

Italian Wine

The wine list of our restaurants is a selection of the best Italian brands, combining renowned wineries with emerging local producers.

Every brand tells a story of the Italian wine culture, from North to South.


Following the tradition of Italian cocktails, Obicà Mixologist has developed a selection of cocktails to enjoy the aperitivo time and celebrate all moment in your life.

Festive, intriguing, traditional: a cocktail for every mood.

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