Viaggio in Italia: our new signature cocktail list

We raise a glass to Obicà's 20th Anniversary with six original cocktails dedicated to the Italian cities where our restaurants are located.

Travelling is always magical, but what if we told you that sometimes all you need is a drink to be instantly transported to your favourite city?

This year, to celebrate Obicà's 20th Anniversary, we are reinterpreting geography with a touch of mixology and taking you on a Journey to Italy, the special cocktail list dedicated to the six Italian cities where our restaurants are located, available from 12 April in Italy and 29 April in London.

The cocktail list has been created by our mixologist Luca Scrimenti, using for each of the six drinks a symbolic ingredient of the city: sip after sip, you can travel from Milan to Palermo, via Florence and Rome, with a further hop to Turin or even Cagliari, discovering typically Italian distillates and bitters, to be enjoyed as an aperitif or in combination with your favourite Obicà dish.

Are you ready to travel with us?

Let's discover together the six stages of our journey into mixology!

Viaggio in Italia Cocktail Milano

When it comes to mixology in Milano, there is only one king: the Campari bitter, here paired with Prosecco DOC and a Mango and Peach Cordial.

Viaggio in Italia Cocktail Torino

In the shade of the Mole, Vermouth rules the show. In our Torino cocktail, we mix it with a Redberry Cordial and finish with a top of Tonic Water.

Viaggio in Italia Cocktail Firenze

In 1919 in Firenze, Count Camillo Negroni created the most famous cocktail in the Italian tradition, which we pay homage to with a contemporary twist that includes - in addition to the traditional ingredients - the addition of Coffee Liqueur.

Viaggio in Italia Cocktail Roma

Roma's iconic ingredient is Sambuca, the true star of our cocktail along with Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, and Sweetened Espresso. A perfect drink to end your dinner at Obicà!

Viaggio in Italia Cocktail Cagliari

And if we say Sardinia, what liqueur comes to your mind? Mirto, of course! Which in our Cagliari you will find mixed with Gin Beefeater, Lime Juice and Sugar Syrup.

Viaggio in Italia Cocktail Palermo

Our journey ends in Palermo with Passito di Noto, paired with Soda and the addition of Vaporised Limoncello.

Have you found your favourite drink yet?

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