Anniversary Special: Flavours from Campania

Obicà's 20th anniversary celebrations continue with the new Anniversary Special “Flavours from Campania”, available now until the end of August.

After crowning Buffalo Milk Figliata, we continue the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of our brand with Flavours from Campania, an exclusive selection of dishes in collaboration with Gentile, a long-standing partner that has been with us since the opening of our first restaurant in Rome in April 2004.

Founded in 1876, Gentile is one of the oldest pasta factories in Gragnano, the worldwide renowned 'the City of Pasta'. Gentile is mainly known for its Pasta di Gragnano IGP, produced using the traditional bronze-drawing method and slow drying at low temperatures, but also for the production of fine artisanal preserves, all made with ingredients from Campania.

From now until the end of August, in our restaurants in Italy, London and New York you can discover how the authentic flavours of Obicà and the quality of Gentile's products come together to create four dishes that celebrate the Campania tradition.

Let's find out together!

Anniversary Special - Sapori Campani - Antipasti

Pasta di Gragnano IGP is the protagonist of two original starters created by our chefs with an Obicà touch.

Let's start with a must-have dish on the Neapolitan tables: the Frittatina di Pasta, a Small Omelette with Spaghettoni di Gragnano IGP, Egg, Pecorino Romano DOP, Bacon and Black Pepper, that we serve with Stracciatella Pugliese and Baked Datterino Tomato.

While the second starter is Mezzi Paccheri di Gragnano IGP, with a tasty filling of Ricotta di Bufala and Sweet and Sour Pickled Vegetables.

And if you really can't choose between one appetiser and the other, you can always order both!

Anniversary Special - Sapori Campani - Spaghettoni ai Due Pomodori

The main ingredient of the first course of our special menu is the Spaghettoni di Gragnano IGP, the most iconic format produced by Gentile, characterised by a thickness of 2.7 millimetres.

Our Spaghettoni ai Due Pomodori are served with Yellow Pomodorini and Pomodorini del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP a Pacchetelle, Anchovy Fillets and Toasted Breadcrumbs with Thyme and Lemon.

Anniversary Special - Sapori Campani - Percoca con Gelato

Our journey through Campania ends on a sweet and refreshing note, the queen of Gentile preserves: the delicious Percoca con Gelato, a Percoca Peach in Syrup served with Ice Cream, Almond Crumble and Strawberry Coulis!

But that's not all, because we have also thought of your Summer toasts!

To complete the experience, we selected some typical wines from Campania to enjoy together with your favourite dishes: in London we suggest the Paestum Fiano IGP Bacioilcielo by Viticoltori de Conciliis, while in New York City the Falanghina from La Capranera and the Rosato Paestum IGP from San Salvatore winery.

Ready to try every dish of this exclusive partnership?

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