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April Special: Carnaroli ‘Riso Buono’ Rice Tortino


On April discover the precious Piedmont: the Carnaroli ‘Riso Buono’ Rice.

Riso Buono is produced in Casalbeltrame, a small village in the province of Novara, in full respect of the environment and a centuries-old tradition.

The history of Tenuta La Mondina of the Azienda Agricola Luigi e Carlo Guidobono Cavalchini began in 1700, when the noble family of Gautieri settled in this area around Novara, introducing over the years important improvements in irrigation methods and in cultivation techniques of rice.

Discover the farm, the history and premium rice with Cristina Cavalchini!


Try now Carnaroli 'Riso Buono' Rice in three special Tortino, only in April at Obicà!

Tortino di Riso Carnaroli con Pecorino e Fave

Pecorino e Fave

Carnaroli Rice with Pecorino Romano, Fava Beans and Basil Pesto

Tortino di Riso Carnaroli con Zafferano e Ragù

Zafferano e Ragù

Carnaroli Rice with Saffron, Peas and Beef Ragù

Tortino di Riso Carnaroli con Pomodoro e Melanzane

Pomodoro e Melanzane

Carnaroli Rice with Organic Tomato Sauce, Aubergine and Smoked Mozzarella di Bufala

What’s your favorite Tortino?

Try it now at Obicà!

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