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Water for Haiti: our Christmas charity for Fondazione Francesca Rava


Our commitment to provide useful resources to the people in Haiti continues also this Christmas, with a new project in support of the Fondazione Francesca Rava - N.P.H. Italia Onlus.

Since 2010, your donations have been essential to raise over  £140,000 and achieve many solidarity projects for the children in Haiti.

This year, the goal of our Christmas charity is to support the distribution of potable water in the Cité Soleil slums in Port-au-Prince.

A system of distribution of potable water, which is a fundamental resource for the survival of the local population, is still lacking in Haiti up to now. Families must travel kilometres to reach rivers - which are often polluted - or to buy water.

Father Rick Frechette, doctor in first line, President of N.P.H. Haiti and Fondazione Saint Luc, and his team distribute every day with 2 watertrucks 90,000 liters of water, 6 days a week, to the poorest families in the slums.

To support this activity, during the Holiday Season, we donate £1 to the Foundation for each Tartufino Amor de Cana Relanghe served with coffee: a small donation, which translates into 100 liters of potable water for 25 children.

Also with such a small contribution we can achieve a big result, with a real effect on the lives of so many people.

Thank you so much for your support!

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