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Obicà for Haiti: our fundraisings for Fondazione Francesca Rava

Discover all the solidarity projects achieved in Haiti to support Fondazione Francesca Rava - NPH Italia Onlus

Obicà collaborates and supports the Fondazione Francesca Rava - NPH Italia Onlus since 2010.

Over the years your contributions have been essential to achieve many solidarity projects for the children in Haiti.

At Obicà we have two main fundraisings drive per year for the Foundation: our Christmas charity and, throughout the year, we donate 2 euros for each Gran Degustazione di Mozzarelle purchased at the restaurants.

Charity NPH Italia Onlus - Distribution of Pasta in Haiti
Credits: Diana Bagnoli

We collected more than 130.000 euros until 2017 to accomplish some important projects for the community in Haiti and to support Padre Rick Frechette, front-line doctor, guide of NPH Haiti.

In 2017 we raised approximately 30.000 euros through the Christmas charity A Cow under the Tree. Padre Rick will use this donation to buy 18 dairy cows: the goal is to continuously produce milk, an essential food for children, and to start a social business selling milk to self-sustain the activity.

Charity for NPH Italia Onlus - Distribution of Pasta in Haiti
Credits: Diana Bagnoli

Thanks to the 2016 fundraising, the distribution of 3.000 bags of pasta produced in Francisville to the children in the slums and in the street schools has just been completed, for a total of around 10.500 kg of pasta.

Charity for NPH Italia Onlus - Distribution of Bread in Haiti

In the previous years, with the support of Obicà customers we opened three mobile bakeries: 2 in the rural communities in Les Cayes and St Yves de Limonade and the last one in Kenscoff. Each bakery can produce up to 5,000 bread rolls every day for about 600 children.

This year, as well, we support the Foundation with a new Christmas charity: follow us to discover more and how to give your contribution to the project!


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