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COVID-19 Emergency: update from Obicà in London


Dear Customers,

in the interest of public safety in the UK, from tonight we are temporarily closing our restaurants in London. We will resume our normal daily activity as soon as the COVID-19 emergency has been healed. 

As Obicà Group, we've been living this situation in Italy from weeks and now also in the US and UK. We know how difficult it can be but, until things get back to normal, we suggest you to stay safe and stay home to slow down the spread of the virus.

Our thoughts are with all our staff members all over the world, their families and with all of you, our customers: you are our reason and we send you all our love and friendship.

One day, this is going to end. That day, we'll be stronger and we'll meet again to share amazing moments together.

Keep strong, keep smiling.

the Obicà team

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