10 reasons to stop living without 'Nduja

To tell about Calabria in a bite, we have to let the Queen of this land speak!

The Calabrian ‘red gold’ and one of Obicà’s most precious jewels is a triumph of flavours and a melting pot of legends: are you ready to discover all the secrets of ‘Nduja di Spilinga?

1 - It’s not protected by any recognized designation. So, in legal terms, if somebody would like to produce a spicy spreadable salami and call it ‘Nduja, nobody could argue. Beware of imitations, the real ‘Nduja is only the one which is made on the slopes of Mount Poro, in Spilinga.

2 - The name derives from ‘andouille’. It’s a French cured meat made of tripe that Gioacchino Murat, Napoleone’s brother-in-law, ordered to be distributed to ingratiate himself with the people of the Kingdom of Naples. The salami had more popularity than him, though.

3 - Red is both a metaphor and a warning. It’s passion, flavour and surprise, but also the way of ‘Nduja to suggest parsimony to beginners and to challenge who’s not afraid to turn into an active volcano.

4 - It’s poor but rich. This ‘red gold’ was, in origin, a cured meat made of less valuable part of pork. Only today is composed by pork meat and the magic trio: guanciale, pancetta and lard, strictly mixed with Calabrian chilli pepper.

5 - ‘The 'Sagra della 'Nduja' (Festival of the 'Nduja') is proof that we are talking about a myth, rather than a product. Since 1975, every 8th of August, Spilinga celebrates ‘Nduja with an event where you can taste it in all sorts of ways, immersing yourself in the mythology and history that envelop this enchanted place.

6 - Not everything goes with ‘Nduja, but ‘Nduja goes with everything. From the pinch added when sautéing to tasting it pure on crusty bread, this dish-ingredient to turn everything it touches into gold.

7 - The tasting is a ritual that has to be taken seriously. If your palate is virgin, the first approach will be an explosive experience that asks for the attention of all your senses (and maybe the use of a napkin to dry the tears provoked by joy and Pepper)

8 - If you try it with Caciocavallo Silano, you will probably consider moving to Calabria. With aged cheeses, ‘Nduja has a stun effect and it’s addictive: try to trust.

9 - It’s a natural painkiller (but not only). Forget about strawberries, oysters and chocolate. Besides being famous for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, 'Nduja seems to be a powerful natural aphrodisiac. If you don’t believe it, try with a plate of Fileja with ‘Nduja at your first date.

10 - At Obicà we take ‘Nduja seriously. Whether on our Bruschette with Mascarpone and ‘Nduja or on our Pizza, with Stracciatella and Organic Tomato, this celebratory ingredient of Italian excellence is one of the many good reasons to pay a visit to one of our restaurants, because at Obicà, quality is always a matter of feeling.

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