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New Summer Menu, new flavours to share


Since summer is approaching, our menu changes its look to offer you new flavours to share with friends, family, and colleagues.

The new summer menu at Obicà is available in Italy and UK from Wednesday May 15th with a selection of salads, pizza, pasta and food to share for a fresh, lively, and colourful summer.

New products to discover paired with our specialties, such as the Ventricina del Vastese, the Tuna Bresaola, the Buffalo Roastbeef and the Scottish Smoked Salmon.

And lots of new dishes to enjoy: let’s discover them together!

Food to share - Summer 2019

Our Food to share Small Plates fill up with colors to liven up your table at lunch, dinner or for a quick break during the day: among the new dishes, the Perino Tomato filled with Legumes and Tuna, the Vegetables Mille-Feuille with Casatica di Bufala, the Buffalo Summer Roast with Buffalo Roastbeef and the amazing Tuna Carpaccio Mille-Feuille.

And there are tasty news also in our Caldi section, such as the Mozzarelline and the Tuna Croquettes with Ricotta.

Salads - Summer 2019

We have an all-new Salads selection, the perfect choice for taking a break from summer heat.

For the lovers of fish and meat we suggest the new Tuna Carpaccio Salad and the Buffalo Roastbeef Salad, while for vegetarians the delicious Artemide Black Rice, with Cereals and Buffalo Yoghurt Sauce.

Pizza - Summer 2019

And what about Pizza?

The Basil Pesto and Stracciatella - loved so much last summer - is back, while the great news is the Smoked Salmon with Lemon and Fennel, which will surely leave you speechless.

Pasta and Secondi - Summer 2019

It couldn’t miss new Pasta, like the Lasagna with Basil Pesto and the Casarecce with Aubergine Pesto and Stracciatella.

In the Secondi section, the Branzino with Olives and Capers deserves a taste.

There, you can also find the delicious Burrata Burger, with Beef meat paired with our Burrata from Puglia: an unmissable pairing!

And now you just have to come and discover what’s your new favorite Obicà dish: BOOK NOW!

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