Obicà Recipes: Pappardelle with Sausage Ragù

Discover how to prepare at home one of our signature dishes: Pappardelle with Sausage Ragù

During these days, could it be because of the instructions given by their Government or just for prevention, many people are re-discovering the pleasure of spending time at home.

Someone is “smart working”, being busy in never ending calls with colleagues all around the world. Someone else is inventing new ways to entertain his children. Others are binge-watching TV series and films on any possible streaming service. There are also those, we bet just a few, making these little domestic chores disregarded for so many months. And those who prefer to read a good book on the couch, while cuddling their pet.

But, what about the pleasure of cooking?

Here’s why for the next weeks we will share with you some of our recipes, to give you new ideas for lunch or dinner, but also to suggest you some tips and tricks on how to prepare genuine Obicà-style dishes.

The first recipe is one of our most beloved signature dishes: the Pappardelle with Sausage Ragù!

Let's start!


for two people

For the Ragù:

200 gr of Pork Sausage

160 gr of Tomato Sauce

20 gr of Fennel Seeds

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


For the Pasta:

240 gr of Pappardelle Egg Pasta

20 gr Pecorino Romano DOP Shavings

Sprigs of Wild Fennel

Coarse Salt

And now let's see together the how to prepare this tasty pasta.


First, we start with the Ragù.

Heat a dash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a large pan.

In the meantime, cut the Pork Sausage and chop it, then add it to the Oil when it’s hot.

You know: here at Obicà we don’t use any Garlic or Onion. But, if you prefer, we will forgive you for adding a little Onion or Garlic to the hot Oil.

Cook the Sausage in the Oil for at least 30 minutes: it must lose all its fat and brown slowly.

Add the Tomato Sauce (we recommend a good Organic Tomato - from Italy, of course), a pinch of Salt and the Fennel Seeds and cook for another 20 minutes.

While the Ragù keeps cooking, you can start preparing the Pasta.

Our suggestion is to use Fresh Pappardelle Egg Pasta, because they go perfectly with Ragù. But you can also test other Pasta shapes, according to your preferences and depending on what you have available at home.

Then cook the Pasta in abundant salted water, until reaching the desired consistency. Once drained, add the Pappardelle to the Ragù in the pan and stir-fry to mix the pasta with the sauce.


Make a nest of Pappardelle with fork and spoon, then place it in the center of the plate.

In the end, garnish with some shavings of Pecorino Romano DOP and a sprig of Wild Fennel.

And here they are: now you can enjoy our Pappardelle, maybe paired with a glass of good Italian red wine.

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