Obicà Recipes: Ricotta di Bufala Cake 

Discover how to prepare at home a dessert with a soft texture and intense taste

During these days we are working on new a selection of delicacies to delight you at the reopening of our restaurants. In the new Obicà menu we will feature many new dishes, created just for summertime, but also recipes that made our history, such as the dessert that today we suggest you: the Ricotta di Bufala Cake!

With its soft consistency, this Cake is the Obicà twist on classic cheesecake, with the intense flavour of Ricotta di Bufala.

We’ve been serving this dessert in our restaurants throughout the years, with a different pairing every season.

For now, we do not reveal you the pairing for this summer, but we give you some tips on how to serve it during this time at home.

We do really hope that the unique flavour of this dessert will amaze you too.

Are you curious? So let's find out together how to prepare it!


for a 12-portion cake

For the base of the Cake:

200 gr of Dry Biscuits

100 gr of Butter

50 gr of Sugar

For the Ricotta Cream:

750 gr of Ricotta di Bufala

350 gr of Mascarpone Cheese

250 gr of Sugar

5 Eggs

1 Vanilla Bean


Let’s begin preparing the base of our Cake.

The first step is to crumble the biscuits using your hands or a kitchen pestle - don’t worry too much about the size of the individual pieces.

Then melt the Butter in a saucepan over low heat. Pour it into a container, add the Sugar and the crumbled Biscuits.

Mix all the ingredients until you get a "sand", which means a dough with a grainy consistency, that will be then the base of your Cake.

Now spread a few Butter on the surface of an oven pan and distribute the Biscuit sand to well cover the whole base of the pan.

Compact everything gently using the bottom of a glass and let it rest in the fridge for 10 minutes.


Now we can go on with the Cream.

First, break the Eggs and pour them into a large container.

Then, with the help of a fork or a whisk, beat vigorously the Eggs with the sugar and add the Vanilla Bean.

Put the Ricotta di Bufala and the Mascarpone cheese in another container and mix.

Now, pour the Ricotta and Mascarpone cream in the first container with Eggs and Sugar and mix everything again. Then remove the Vanilla Bean.

In the meantime, preheat the oven to 165 degrees.

Pour then all the ingredients into the pan, trying to give the Cake a flat and uniform surface.

Bake for 1 hour, sometimes checking the cooking. Keep the Cake covered for the first 40 minutes, leaving at least an inch of space between the cake and the lid.


Once the cake is baked, let it cool and then cut it into slices to serve it.

The pairing that perfectly matches with the strong flavour of Ricotta di Bufala is a Fruit Jam: choose your favourite and pour it on the slice of cake or serve it in a small bowl.

Here we are, now you can enjoy the unmistakable taste of the Ricotta di Bufala Cake: Buon Appetito!

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