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June Special: Smoked Mullet from the Lagoon of Orbetello


Our monthly special comes from the Lagoon of Orbetello: a unique ecosystem in the district of Grosseto with one of the most important humid reserves in Tuscany. This Lagoon has ideal living conditions for many species of fish, including the Mullet we offer you in June in all of our restaurants in UK and Italy.

Enjoy the Smoked Mullet Fillet in our three special dishes: the Crostini with Tarragon Butter, Asparagus and Smoked Mullet, Lemon Zest and Dill; the Salad with Lamb’s Lettuce, Smoked Mullet, Radish, Asparagus, Almonds and Lemon Zest; the Linguine with Smoked Mullet, Asparagus, Stracciatella, Lemon and Dill. Three delicacies to taste!

Find out more about the Mullet from the Lagoon of Orbetello!

The links with history

The art of preserving fish was introduced in Orbetello by the Spanish in the 16th century.

Skilled fishermen and renowned sailors, they created the best techniques for processing and preserving fish, to ensure the right stocks of food during their long sea voyages. Since then, fishing in Orbetello has played a crucial role, always paying great attention to the delicate balance of the lagoon.

Today, the Traditional Fishing of the Orbetello Lagoon is a Slow Food Presidium, a symbol of quality and excellence.

The arrival into the Lagoon

The Mullet comes from the offshore to the lagoon spontaneously, following the flow of the tides and without using baits. The motion of water from the sea attracts the shoal towards a barrier called "lavoriero" located between the lagoon and the sea. Following a series of drains called “camere degli inganni”, the Mullet arrives in the capture cages: here the best fishes are chosen to be processed, while the others are released into the lagoon.

Commitment and tradition

All the production stages of the smoked Mullet follow the careful rules of tradition.The fish fillets are cleaned and washed carefully with drinkable water and then salted. Afterwards, they are dried at 45° C and finally smoked. No preservatives or additives are used during the production, in order to guarantee a genuine and high quality product.

A taste to discover

With amber colour, the Mullet from Orbetello is one of the emblems of the Lagoon cuisine. It wins you over with its tender consistency, strong taste and intense flavour.

A fish with unique characteristics, thanks both to the quality of the raw materials and to the care in the drying and smoking processes.

The perfect choice for a pleasant break in Summer, to enjoy at your favorite Obicà: BOOK NOW!

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