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March Special: Wild Boar Ham and Ragù


March at Obicà is dedicated to the lovers of premium quality meat, with the delicious Wild Boar Ham and Ragù.

Typical ingredient of the traditional gastronomy, the wild boar meat has a distinctive scent with wild notes balanced by a delicate flavor: a renowned and very appreciated product, that combines the taste of pork and game.

The Ham and Ragù are both made with this fine wild boar meat, to enjoy in our three special dishes of March.

Let’s discover them together!

Crostini with Wild Boar Ham

I Crostini

The tasty flavor of Wild Boar Ham, paired with the crunchiness of artisan bread, the delicacy of Stracciatella di Burrata and the perfume of Porcini Mushrooms.

Rice Tortino with Wild Boar Ragù

Il Tortino di Riso

An original mix of Saffron and Wild Boar Ragù for our Rice Tortino with ‘Riso Buono’ Carnaroli Gran Riserva.

Pizza with Wild Boar Ham

La Pizza

A fragrant Pizza with Wild Boar Ham and Porcini Mushrooms, on a base of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP.

Are you ready to enjoy all these special dishes?

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