New Obicà Menu: find happiness in every bite!

The new Obicà menu is available from October 15th in our restaurants in Italy, London and New York City: many new recipes to give you little moments of happiness.

We all have a way to treat ourselves with a little moment of daily happiness.

Someone can find happiness during a phone call with a friend who hasn't heard for a long time. Some while listening to a vinyl in their living room. Others while reading for the umpteenth time a book from their favourite writer. Or watching the finale of a TV series awaited for so many years.

And then there’s who finds happiness while dining in a restaurant or at home, tasting a dish bite after bite and being seduced by the aromas and flavours of each ingredient.

With this spirit we created the New Obicà Menu, available from October 15th in our restaurants in Italy, London and New York City: in every dish we put all the quality of our ingredients and a lot of passion, to give you a little moment of happiness every time you come to visit us and try one of our specialties. In London you can enjoy our new menu at St.Paul’s and Canary Wharf, while at Poland Street we’re working on some big news, stay tuned to discover them soon.

What will your new favourite dish here at Obicà be?

Let's find it together!

Maybe the Baked Pumpkin and Apples with Quinoa, Toasted Almonds and Spinach: a starter that might even make you forget a bad day at work.

Or a great Obicà classic like the Organic Tomato Soup with Stracciatella and Crostini, to bring you back to the warm mood of family lunches.

What about Fresh Tortelloni with Pumpkin and Amaretti served with Taleggio DOP Sauce, to share during that first date you've been dreaming for weeks.

Or even the Black Truffle and Porcini Mushrooms Pizza? To appreciate even more - slice after slice -  the laughter with your friends at dinner.

These are just some of the news that awaits you in your favourite Obicà: we are waiting for you to discover them all and find - bite after bite - your little moment of happiness. BOOK NOW!


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