Winter Sceneries: our New Menu is here!

The new Obicà Winter Menu is available from November 11th in Italy, from Monday 15th in London and from Saturday 20th in NYC

Winter is around the corner, the days get shorter and cold weather invites us to find warmer atmospheres, to slow down and take time to savour what we eat.

We close our eyes and flavours become suddenly more intense, we can grasp all the shades of a dish and we can create imaginary views. So a hot Soup becomes a walk in the snow, a plate of Gnocchi turns into a blanket, while a chocolate Dessert into a Sunday sitting at the restaurant with friends.

Obicà’s Winter Menu is ready to give you the most tasty Winter sceneries, with innovative flavours and styles, able to seduce even gourmands.

The Menu is available from Thursday 11th of November in all Obicà in Italy, from Monday 15th  in London, while from Saturday 20th of November in New York: so, close your eyes and let us guide you into this walk through Obicà’s winter.

Menù Invernale Obicà - Caprese Rivisitata

Let us stun you with the shiny purple and the velvety consistency of the Beetroot Hummus, that found its place in our new Small Plates: your senses will thank you.

If you are, instead, in one of that ‘fried or nothing’ moments, Fried Mezzo Pacchero with Ricotta and Spinach is right for you. 

Forbidden, then, to not mention the Revisited Caprese, that has just changed her look. Beware of making her compliments for her new Four Tomato Varieties otherwise she’ll get offended.

Menù Invernale Obicà - Spaghetti alla Chitarra

On Pastas we preempt: the Gnocchi di Patate with Black Cabbage (Cavolo Nero) Pesto, Crunchy Speck dell’Alto Adige IGP and Datterini Tomatoes Confit seems to provoke a mild unconscious state at first bite, so be careful.

The Spaghetti alla Chitarra with Prawns, Fresh Tomato Cream, Bisque Sauce, Baby Spinach and Chopped Pistachios seem to have anti-nostalgic properties: they indeed come to aid when the gloomy sky of the first cold days brings the scrapbook back to summer walks at the seaside.

Menù Invernale Obicà - Pizza Gorgonzola DOP e Pere Caramellate

With Pizzas we made it big, telling one of the most passionate love stories between ingredients of the cuisine history, with the debutante Gorgonzola DOP and Caramelized Pears with Mozzarella di Bufala and Walnuts. 

Menù Invernale Obicà - Crema di Broccoli

When arrive those days in which neither scarf and gloves are enough to stay warm, and we welcome you when you are still rubbing your hands numbed by cold, we already know that you will ask for one of our Soups. The ever-present Crema di Zucca with Amaretti and Pecorino Romano DOP is always there waiting for you, accompanied by a light and healthy newcomer: Crema di Broccoli with Spelt and Goat Cheese.

Menù Invernale Obicà - Pere al Vino Rosso

We don’t blame you if at this point of the lecture you feel a bit drunk, and neither after a spoonful of our Red Wine Poached Pears with White Chocolate Ganache. We have to say it: the girls have a grip on it.

If, instead, you want to finish your Obicà experience with His Majesty the Bonèt Piemontese, an advice: the Amaretto crumble on the chocolate custard is addictive.

Now that we’ve told you, it’s your time to taste our Winter: BOOK NOW at your favourite Obicà! 


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