Our new Drink List

The Summer at Obicà is even more surprising with our new Drink List: a completely renewed list to always offer you great Italian wines, cocktails and drinks.

The Summer at Obicà is even more surprising with our new Drink List: a completely renewed list to always offer you great Italian wines, cocktails and drinks, available from June 1st in UK and Italy.  

The new Wine List is a journey to discover the best Italian producers: an original itinerary created in collaboration with sommelier Mauro Mattei to help you choosing your favourite wine.

This journey begins with the Bubbles, our selection of the best Italian sparkling wines, like Trentodoc Brut Ferrari or Prosecco Argeo Ruggieri.

Then we move to the Freshness area, where you find dynamic wines, rich in acidity, ideal for convivial moments, like Due Uve Bertani, Gavi di Tassarolo Cinzia Bergaglio and Gewürztraminer Cantina di Toblino.

The next stop are the ones Made for Pizza, perfect pairings with the most famous Italian dish in the world, like Cerasuolo di Vittoria Planeta, Langhe Bianco Ceretto and Cirò Rosato Librandi.

We finish this journey with Tipicality, a section dedicated to regional wines like Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Cirelli, traditional varieties like Ribolla Gialla Jermann and renowned designations like Barolo Ceretto.

All the wines in our list have a story to tell, each different and captivating: that thing that makes all of them unique and special.  

Some stories are about the respect of the environment, just like the Green: organic, natural and biodynamic wines, made from eco-sustainable agriculture, like Langhe Bianco Ceretto, Morellino di Scansano Antonio Camillo and Nino Cascina Iuli.

But there are also stories about the great classics of Italian oenology: Timeless wines like Grillo Marco de Bartoli and Barolo Ceretto.

And then we have the epic stories of the Heroic, “brave” wines made from extreme viticulture, like Etna Bianco Planeta and Per’e Palummo Cenatiempo.

So many stories to discover every day at your favourite Obicà.

Summer Cocktails

Lots of news also in our Cocktail List, that brings together the great classics of the Italian tradition with the originals created by our mixologist: a selection of bitter, sour and fruity cocktails ideal for every moment of the day, not just at the aperitivo time. That’s why we suggest for each drink a pairing with one of our specialties to enjoy them at lunch or dinner too.

With the Tuna Carpaccio Salad you can sip, for example, an original creation of our mixologist like the Pepper Daiquiri, with White Rum, Frangelico, Egg White, Pineapple, Lime, Sugar and Pink Pepper.

If you prefer a Pizza, the Improved Sicilian Coke with Amaro Averna, Biancosarti and Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon is the perfect pairing with our Bufala DOP.

While if you’d like a light lunch, you can order the Easy, a low-calorie mocktail, paired with the Artemide Black Rice Salad.

Whether for a good glass of Italian wine or a fresh cocktail, come and enjoy all the news of our Drink List: BOOK NOW!


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