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Summer Recipe: Insalata Farro e Quinoa


Obicà food is based on quality and ingredients: the simplicity of its recipes makes most of our dishes easy to prepare by you at home.

This summer we show you how to make a refreshing Salad with Spelt and Quinoa in minutes to make an impression on your friends and family.

Do it and enjoy!


for 4 people

320 gr Spelt

160 gr White Quinoa

160 gr Dill Buffalo Yoghurt Sauce

160 gr Courgettes

160 gr Yellow Peppers

160 gr Carrots

120 gr Green Beans

80 gr Baby Spinach

Olive Oil





1. Cut Carrots, Yellow Peppers and Courgettes in cubes of 1⁄4 cm and sautée them in a pan with olive oil, adding some salt for just few minutes.

They need to be crunchy.

Set aside until cold.

2. Cut in 2 cm length the Green Beans and boil them.

Set aside until cold.

3. Boil Quinoa and Spelt separately.

4. Mix all the vegetables, including Quinoa and Spelt in a bowl and marinate them with Olive Oil.

To Serve:

1. In an oval plate make a bed of Baby Spinach, previously dressed with Olive Oil, Wine Vinegar and Salt and put on the top the mixed vegetables.

2. Serve with a ramekin of Buffalo Yoghurt Sauce, Dill and a Crostini


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