All I want for Christmas is... Truffle!

To celebrate the return of Christmas, a very special selection of dishes is waiting for you in all our restaurants in Italy and London.

A Christmas Carol is already on all Broadway signboards, Oxford Street lights are the backdrop of the frenetic shopping days in London, the Madonnina looks from the Milan Duomo the city getting ready for the Holidays. And so Piazza San Pietro lights its majestic tree, Florence is setting up its historical market of Santa Croce and in Palermo people are rehearsing for the living Nativity Scene.

Within the last year there have been few occasions to sit down at a restaurant’s table and share good moments together. And we at Obicà know well that the atmosphere created by a table full of good Italian food has something magic - especially during Holidays.

To celebrate the return of Christmas in the sign of time together, of friends and family, a very special selection of dishes is waiting for you in all our restaurants in Italy and London, with protagonist the strong flavour and aroma of Black Truffle.

It's time to discover what you can find underneath the Obicà Christmas tree!

Speciale delle Feste - Fonduta di Camembert con Tartufo Nero

Warm and smooth, the Camembert di Bufala Fondue presents itself as the pale and homogeneous painter’s canvas, but don’t be deceived: the overwhelming taste of brushwood given by Porcini Mushrooms and the intense aroma of Black Truffle shape the apparently docile character into an impetuous one.

Speciale delle Feste - Pizza con Speck dell'Alto Adige IGP e Tartufo Nero

If, instead, you are up to contrasts, it’s impossible to resist to the harmonic crash between the smoked taste of Speck dell’Alto Adige IGP, the sweetness of Pumpkin and the Black Truffle’s inebriant perfume of our special Pizza.

Speciale delle Feste - Tagliolini con Tartufo Nero

Say what you want, but Truffle is born doomed: its destiny is to fall, in the shape of a winter rain of light leaves moved by the wind, on a plate of steaming Tagliolini. And if Christmas means first and foremost tradition, we want to celebrate it in this way.

Christmas has already arrived at Obicà, you just have to try it: BOOK NOW!


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