November Special: Late-Growing Red Radicchio from Treviso IGP

This November enjoy the Late-Growing Red Radicchio from Treviso IGP paired with Smoked Burrata in three delicious recipes.

In November we colour our restaurants with shades of red and purple welcoming a food excellence from Veneto: the Late-Growing Red Radicchio from Treviso IGP, a surprising taste that this month enriches our offer of new flavours from our Winter Menu, just launched in all of our restaurants.

The Red Radicchio is a unique vegetable, both in processing methods and taste: thanks to the traditional production technique, it develops particular organoleptic qualities and gets an unmistakable taste.

At Obicà in Italy, London and New York City, we offer the Late-Growing Red Radicchio from Treviso IGP paired with the Smoked Burrata in three surprising recipes, where the smoked notes of Burrata mix with the slightly bitter taste of Radicchio.

Let's find them out together!

In our Carnaroli Rice Tortino the strong flavours of Late-Growing Red Radicchio and Smoked Burrata are balanced by the sweetness of the Blueberries for a delicious combination.

For our November Special Salad, we enriched the pairing of Radicchio and Burrata with fresh Oranges, Pine Nuts, Mint, and a final touch of Balsamic Vinegar: for a tasteful break during this Fall days.

And all the Pizza lovers can enjoy the same mix of ingredients on our amazing pizza dough - made with stone-ground flour and left to rise slowly for 48 hours.

The Late-Growing Red Radicchio from Treviso IGP wins you over with its typical bitter taste and crunchy texture, to enjoy this November at your favorite Obicà: BOOK NOW!

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