We put out into the deep and we arrived in Sardinia!

From Friday December 16th, Obicà awaits you in the Food Hall at the 6th Floor of Rinascente Cagliari Via Roma

Ancient as its myths tell and as populations that have shaped it, Cagliari is a place where tradition is touchable and carefully protected, just like at Obicà.

Just after few weeks after the opening in Turin, we are happy to announce the birth of a new house for Italian quality in the beautiful capital city of Sardinia.

Do you know what this means? That i’s time to taste a Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, a Pizza with Anchovy Fillets and Burrata or a dish of Schiaffoni with Organic Tomato in front of the sea.

From Friday 16th of December, Obicà awaits you in the Food Hall at the 6th Floor of Rinascente Cagliari Via Roma, in the historical Marina neighborhood, just a few meters from the spectacular Piazza del Carmine and directly in front of the sea.

So, the partnership with Rinascente becomes even stronger: Obicà Cagliari is, indeed, the fourth restaurant that open within the department stores, after Milan, Palermo and Turin.

In line with the design of all our restaurants, the architecture of this new born is essential, material and modern, just as our cuisine.

Linear geometries and a cosmopolitan style are mixed with the history that can be breath in the capitol of Sardinia, creating an harmonic combination between tradition and innovation.

Do you still imagine yourselves in front of a Pizza Bufala DOP with sea view?



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