Next stop: Via Cusani 1 in Milan

On Thursday 14th April, within one of the most suggestive Liberty building in Milan, a new chapter of Obicà history begins

In 2004, in Rome, we bet we would have succeeded in bringing tradition, simplicity and pureness of high Italian quality products in innovative locations, in cities where breathing history, cosmopolitism and change.

Eighteen years later we can say to have done a good piece of road, telling the beauty of Italian genuineness and the pleasure of sharing unique moments around a table in 20 restaurants all around the world. This gives us the push to bring our passion and our philosophy in always new places. The next stop of our trip is Via Cusani 1 in Milan, where, on Thursday 14th April, a new chapter of Obicà history begins from the heritage of Obicà Brera.

The new restaurant, located within one of the most suggestive Liberty building in Milan, is the result of an innovative project by the famous Labics studio. It synthesizes the legacy of first years of Obicà life with our willingness to evolve and transform our shape, always remaining faithful to our original essence. The result is a design that enhances materials, that embrace theirselves to create simple and minimal shapes, just like a Mozzarella di Bufala DOP.

The space is composed by a wide and majestic main room with gallery, ables to welcome almost 100 guests, as well as a Lounge Bar with 20 seats. The great news of the new Obicà Cusani is the meeting room at the 2nd floor, equipped with a separate kitchen and perfect for private exclusive events, business meetings and press launches.

The menu is the real protagonist of the new Milan location and, for the occasion, some of our timeless classics are coming back, as Beef and Sausage Meatballs with Organic Tomato Sauce and Stracciatella, Mozzarella Scapece, or the Pizza Basil Pesto and Stracciatella with Taggiasche Olives. And as the shape of Obicà changes, so our Pizza does, becoming rounded and with a special 48 hours slow leavening dough, made with Molino Paolo Mariani flour and natural sourdough. 

Obicà Cusani is ready to welcome who is looking for real Italian quality in Milan, or simply who has or will come across the place where even a Bocconcino di Mozzarella di Bufala DOP makes you say ‘Obicà!’.

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