The new look of Obicà Parlamento

The first Mozzarella Bar in the world reopens after the complete renovation of the interiors

As well as a restaurant and a place where sharing moments, experiences and great changes, we love to think at Obicà as a place that, despite the changes in its form, it preserves and cultivates, day by day, the tradition and quality that cross Italy far and wide.

Obicà Parlamento, born eighteen years ago as the first pearl of our necklace, reopens to the public after a pause to revolutionize its style. The new design promises to transport the simplicity and essentiality of our gastronomic offer in the future.

The new minimalist and informal style, signed always by the Roman architecture studio LABICS, is a design corner in the heart of the ‘eternal city’. The project is another brick in the construction of a new identity, that aims to create new spaces within which innovation and tradition live together. The project that started with the opening, last April, of our restaurant in Via Cusani, 1, in Milan. And this is only the beginning, since between 2022 and 2023, surprises will never end.

Impatient to see the new face of Obicà Parlamento?

We wait you to discover (or rediscover) the pleasure of a high-quality gastronomic experience in our historic Roman restaurant: BOOK NOW!


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