Spring Special: Provolone del Monaco DOP

A typical cheese from Monti Lattari in Sorrento Peninsula to enjoy in our three special dishes.

This Spring, our restaurants welcome a food excellence from the Sorrento Peninsula: the Provolone del Monaco DOP, a kneaded-curd, aged cheese produced on the Lattari Mountains.

Many years ago, the cheesemakers arrived every morning by sea to the Naples harbour to sell Provolone at the local market. To protect from cold, they usually cover themselves with a cape, which makes them look like monks (monaco in Italian): this is how the name of this cheese was born.  

The Provolone del Monaco is made with cow milk from the Agerolese breed, a native breed that graze free on the Lattari Mountains. This high-quality milk gives Provolone its particular taste, enriched then by aging from four to eighteen months.

A taste to discover in our Spring special dishes!

Our Salad is a colorful mix to give you a preview of Springtime, where the slightly spicy flavor of Provolone del Monaco DOP combines with the freshness of Vegetables and Pumpkin.

In our Spring special Ravioli a thin sheet of fresh pasta encloses a filling of Mozzarella and Ham. As a garnish, some Provolone del Monaco shavings, a sprig of thyme and the sweet taste of the Crusco Pepper from Senise IGP.

And in our Pizza the Provolone del Monaco meets another dairy excellence from Campania, our Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, paired with the pleasantly sweet taste of Black Kale and the unique scent of Sun-dried Tomato Pesto.

Salad, Fresh Ravioli and Pizza: what will your favorite Spring special be?

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