Summer Wonder: a new season of quality!

The new Summer Menu awaits you from Wednesday May 18th in every Obicà in Italy and from June in London and New York City.

Obicà Summer is ready to bring you in its universe of wonders and tasty news.

The Summer Menu is only the first page of a new chapter of our path. This has started with an evolution of our image, which now gathers essentiality, elegance and simplicity: all elements that distinguish us since the beginning, and that are now taken to a new aesthetic and chromatic level.

Our New Menu tells a story that has its roots into tradition and Italian quality and that, season by season, changes and evolves. Unexplored tastes, vivid colors and flavors that remind both popular and unconventional Italian ingredients are the protagonists of a selection of dishes that reveal you the future of Obicà.

The new Summer Menu awaits you from Wednesday May 18th in every Obicà in Italy and from June in London and New York City. Now, you just have to close your eyes and let us bring you into our Summer.

Summer Menu 2022 - Octopus

At a first bite, you could feel sand under your feet, the roar of the waves on the shore and a far seagulls chatter. If you think to be crazy, rest easy: it’s the effect of our Octopus with Lime Mayonnaise, Datterini Tomatoes Confit, Rocket, Toasted Breadcrumbs.

Summer Menu 2022 - Mediterranean Tonnetto Salad

He’s not the top of the class, but the tastiest. Streaks that seem letters and symbols give the name to the protagonist of this sophisticated Salad, the Mediterranean Tonnetto, that, mixed with Rocket, Purple Carrot, Black Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Taggiasche Olives, Yoghurt and Lime Sauce creates a perfect combination.

Summer Menu 2022 - Spaghetti Neri alla Chitarra

If sun would be an ingredient, it would be a Yellow Tomato, that, in the form of a shiny and tasty Cream, envelops Spaghetti Neri alla Chitarra, meets the freshness of Prawns and Chopped Italian Pistachios crunchiness.

Summer Menu 2022 - Burrata Burger

This Obicà classic changes wardrobe in view of the new season and shows off the brilliant colors of Marinated Purple Cabbage, Bell Pepper and Avocado Sauce, that decorated an Angus Burger that doesn’t need any presentation, but only Burrata and Bacon to complete the miracle.

Summer Menu 2022 - Pizza Prosciutto di Parma

Revolutions begin from the form, and our is rounded!

The new Obicà Pizza comes from the combination of natural sourdough and floor from Molino Paolo Mariani. The dough leavens for at least 48 hours, a process that let it be smooth and light as a cloud.

New ingredient combinations are explosive, but we don't want to reveal more than this. For the moment, a sneak peak of one of our classics in the rounded version: Pizza Crudo di Parma DOP.

Summer Menu 2022 - Babà to share

We already know that ‘one in three, thank you’, will soon become ‘another one, please’. But Babà is never enough, as the smiles of an evening shared with dearest friends, our colleagues, our partner or someone randomly met. In Obicà Summer, after all, everything could happens.

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