Winter Tales: our new collection of Italian flavours

From October 18th, in all of our restaurants arrives Winter Tales, our new menu that explores the taste of simplicity

Leaves are falling from the trees and nature is ready for a new chapter, just as us!

Since 20 years, indeed, we let our imagination be guided by seasons, and we can’t wait to tell you where it goes for the next season.

From October 18th, Winter Tales arrives in all of our restaurants!

Our New Menu explores the flavour of simplicity, through the finest Italian ingredients of the season, combined in unusual creations and dishes which are representative of the Obicà history.

Ready to hear our tales? Come with us!

Obicà Winter Menu - Ecarole and Anchovy Croquettes

The flavour that explodes at the first bite is our early Christmas present: under the crunchy breading Escarole, Anchovies, Ricotta, Potatoes and Capers await you. We let you guess in what they are swimming in, otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore.

Obicà Winter Menu - Pizza Capocollo

From the suggestive village of Martina Franca, in Puglia, the Capocollo lands over our Pizza, that warns, together with Mozzarella di Bufala, Turnip Green, and Yellow Datterini Tomatoes, about its seducing power.

Obicà Winter Menu - Tagliolini with Prawns and Baby Squids

Sea in Winter is even more poetic than in Summer, at least in our dishes…

Obicà Winter Menu - Amaretto Parfait

Ending an Obicà experience without dessert is like going out from the cinema 10 minutes before the end of a great movie. And, if the finale is an Amaretto Parfait, there is to kick ourselves.

Now that you’ve read some of our new tales, you just have to taste them in your favourite Obicà: BOOK NOW!


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