Obicà Recipes: Artemide Black Rice Salad

A fresh and genuine dish made with a high quality Rice to prepare at home

We continue to keep you company with our recipes: a way to feel closer to you, waiting to meet us soon again in all our restaurants. Meanwhile, between a good read, some home workout and so many video calls with friends, you can enjoy the dishes of our cuisine at home.

Today we share with you a fresh and tasty dish, coming from our last Summer Menu: the Artemide Black Rice Salad!

Artemide Black Rice has an intense aroma and great antioxidant properties. In our recipe it is paired with Pearl Barley, Wild Pea and Vegetables.

A genuine mix that combines the healthy benefits of noble Cereals such as Rice and Pearl Barley, the unmistakable flavour of Wild Pea and the delicate taste of Vegetables.

To give our Salad an extra touch of taste, in perfect Obicà style, we serve it with a creamy Buffalo Yoghurt Sauce.

The Artemide Black Rice Salad is the perfect choice for a complete lunch, but also the ideal side dish to pair with your favourite second courses.

Let's find out how to prepare it!


for two people

For the Salad:

80 gr of Artemide Black Rice

80 gr of Pearl Barley

140 gr of Wild Pea

80 gr of Courgette

80 gr of Carrots

80 gr of Aubergine

40 gr of Baby Spinach

20 ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt to taste



Bay Leaf

For the Yoghurt Sauce:

50 gr of Buffalo Yoghurt

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt to taste

Black Pepper to taste


First cook the Black Rice, the Wild Pea and the Pearl Barley in abundant salted water. For convenience, we recommend cooking them separately, in order to best respect the cooking time of each ingredient.

In the meantime, wash all the Vegetables, then peel and cook the Carrots in boiling water for five minutes to soften them.

Once the Carrots are ready, dice them of about one centimetre in size. So, do the same with Courgettes and Aubergines.

Now, heat a dash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a non-stick pan and cook all the Vegetables for about ten minutes, adding Herbs and Salt according to your taste.

When Black Rice, Wild Pea and Pearl Barley are ready, drain and let them cool in a bowl.

In the end, add the Vegetables to the bowl and mix everything to well combine the ingredients. If you prefer, add a dash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a pinch of Salt.


Here at Obicà, we pair our Salad with a Buffalo Yoghurt Sauce, because its strong taste perfectly matches the flavour of Vegetables. But if you can’t find the Buffalo Yoghurt, you can easily replace it with a low-fat white Yoghurt.

Pour the Yoghurt into a small bowl and season with a spoonful of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt and Black Pepper, then mix everything until all the ingredients are well combined.


Place the Baby Spinach leaves on the plate as the base of the Salad.

Then, with the help of a kitchen spoon, add the Cereals and Vegetables to the centre of the Baby Spinach leaves, letting them sprout a little on the sides - just like in the photo.

Now, serve the dish paired with a small bowl of Yoghurt Sauce.

Here we are, you are ready to enjoy your Artemide Black Rice Salad: Buon Appetito!

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