10 reasons why having more Basil Pesto in our life

The story of one of the most shiny shade of Italy starts from very far, and seems to change color over the centuries: let’s find out how Basil Pesto has became the first green in the world!

1 - It inspired a Disney character. His name is Paperin Pestello and he’s the protagonist of a series of seven comic books that tells the adventures of a duck that has discovered America before Cristoforo Colombo. We presume that, if Walt Disney had visited one of our restaurants, he would have ordered Trofie al Pesto!

2 - Not only Trofie. The major part of people from Liguria region continue to protest against the use of Pesto within Lasagna. The ‘Portofino’ Lasagna, that involves the use of Pesto instead of Ragù, is even considered a mistake, since Pesto shouldn’t be heated. Trenette, Trofie and Gnocchi continue to be the most loyal partners of Liguria’s green gold.

3 - Once was only available in Summer. Basil, indeed, before the invention of modern greenhouses, was only available during hot season and Olive Oil, that was necessary to preserve it, costed too much.

4 - At the beginning was a sauce that was served with boiled meat. Its evolution starts, indeed, from the ‘Salsa Aggiada’, a dressing made with garlic. But pay attention to not confuse it with ‘Green Sauce’.

5 - From Samarcanda to Genoa. It’s difficult to imagine Pesto far from the high cliffs of Cinque Terre, and yet the first prototype of the famous sauce (a mix of garlic, oily seeds and fresh cheese) wandered through the caravansaries of the legendary Persian lands.

6 - Parmesan? No, Gouda. Some will turn up their nose, while some others will stare into space wondering if it’s a nordic curse. Well, during the 19th century, which has been a period of flourishing business between Genova and the Netherlands, Pesto receipt included the hard cheese that, still today, is the most consumed in the country.

7 - Prà is the Romanée-Conti of the Basil. A research by Normale University of Pisa confirms that, thanks to its position between sea and mountains, a perfect sun exposition and the soil composition, Prà is the perfect mircro-climate to grow the best Basil of the entire world.

8 - ‘Andiamo a Berlino, Beppe!’. Italy has been eliminated from the Fifa World Cup even before they start, but we still hold the title of the best Pesto. Every year, 100 participants from all over the world compete in a challenge with mortar and pestle that elects the best Pesto in the world. The current defending champion is Emiliano Pescarolo, a diver from Milan, who demonstrates how Pesto is especially a matter of love.

9 - Never with rice? Almost. In one of the few regional recipes with rice (here with Preboggion, a mix of herbs with a bitter taste), an abundant spoon of Pesto is required at the end. But stay in your lane: it’s the only culinary scenario that sees them together.

10 - We never miss it at Obicà. You can find it embraced with Caprese, next to Datterini Tomatoes and in an eternal marriage with Trofie, that seem to be enough reasons to visit one of our restaurants.

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