New Obicà, new Pizza!

Rounded, with sourdough and flour from the ancient Molino Paolo Mariani: the new Obicà Pizza is one of the new Summer Menu wonders

Obicà starts this new trip into Italian quality from the perfect form of the circle, the timeless geometry that gives form to the culinary miracle that always surprises. And so, as a reference to the origins, our Pizza comes back to be rounded, the most simple and essential form that tells about elegance and minimalism, both features of our new identity.

The rounded form is only one of the elements that make our new Pizza a symbol of the new face of Obicà. The dough is now made, indeed, by a combination of sourdough and type 1 flour from the ancient Molino Paolo Mariani, that, thanks to stone grinding, maintain all of its nutrients. After a slow leavening process of at least 48 hours, the dough results fragrant, light and smooth. 

Now, you just have to discover some of the new Obicà Pizzas, that you can find in the New Summer Menu

Obicà Estate 2022 - Pizza Bufala DOP

Every word would be superfluous, since our Pizza Bufala DOP doesn’t need any presentation.

Obicà Estate 2022 - Pizza 'Nduja di Spilinga

A rain of Basil Parmigiano diamonds meets the unmistakable flavor of ‘Nduja di Spilinga, in a Pizza that never tires.

Obicà Estate 2022 - Pizza Filetti di Alici

If you find a Pizza that is more summery than our Anchovy Fillets with Mozzarella di Bufala DOP, Organic Tomato, Stracciatella, Yellow Datterini Tomatoes, Caperberries and Fresh Basil let us know.

Obicà Estate 2022 - Pizza Burrata e Zafferano

Our new Pizzas are not afraid to dare, as the new and colorful Burrata and Saffron, that tells a lot about where we started and where we are going.

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